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Philadelphia slang and terminology is words normally affiliated with the City of Philadelphia

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Slang term for Philadelphia. A brand of cheap, convenience store cigar which, when emptied of its tobacco contents, makes a perfect wrap for a long, joint-like

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25 Words That Mean Something Different In Philadelphia. What it means in Philly: Regional slang for Italian Ice, What it means in Philly:

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pillu slangi puhekieli, slangi, alatyyli, Virpi näytti tosi komeelta, kun se meni nakuna uimaan tissit hölskyen ja pillu ajeltuna. Taivutusmuodot. Monikko: pillut: Luokat.

25 Words That Mean Something Different In Philadelphia

Funny look at Philly Slang, Dialect and how we talk in Philadelphia. Handy guide for media people new to our town.

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The word jawn is a noun. It describes a person (females tho), place or thing. Jawn is Philly slang used to describe everything and anything but is alway understood

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pillu slangi Slangi.net. Sanonnat: pillu "On se pillu köyhälläkin." "Pehmyt kuin kupparin pillu." "Se on niin leikkisä kuin lesken pillu." Riimisanakirja: pillu. pillu rimmaa näiden kanssa: …

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Get a pillu mug for your guy Manafort. Trending RN - November 06, 2017. 1. igelschnäuzchen; 2. dick and dash

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pillu slangi Many Finns use profanity in everyday speech more than people of other nationalities. [citation needed] While not all Finns swear, frequent swearing is a mark of youth

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